FEATURE: Keith Fong, Certified Hockey Professional & Trailblazer in the Asian Hockey Market

For as long as Keith Fong can remember, hockey has been a big part of his life. His love for the game solidified at age seven when he attended his first live game. Watching ‘The Great One’, Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers, play against his home team, the Vancouver Canucks, he knew some form of hockey was going to be part of his life forever. Fast forward to 2018 and Keith has dedicated countless hours to expanding the game of hockey in Asia as an official, tournament organizer, senior advisor to South China’s first ever ice hockey league, and an equipment retailer.

As the Director of Asiasports Ltd., Keith was responsible for organizing the largest ice hockey tournament in Asia, the World Hockey 5’s, which welcomed hockey legend, Gordie Howe, as an attendee in 1999.  He also assisted with the organization of the first hockey tournaments and exhibitions in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. Today, all four of these countries are members of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Keith has also represented Hong Kong as a Game Official in several IIHF’s events such as the Asian Winter Games and the Challenge Cup of Asia; acted as a senior advisor to the South China Ice Hockey League (SCIHL), overseeing the entire league’s operations; and held the position of Business Development Director for the Hong Kong CTC Group (CTC), a company known as The Ice & Snow Specialists from Canada. CTC created the first Air Dome in Asia and constructs rinks, arenas, and recreational facilities with real snow and ice for winter sports.

Most recently, Keith advanced his career as the Co President of SWOT Hockey Limited (SWOT), a company focused on developing grassroots hockey in Asia through licensed hockey equipment, training products, and organization of hockey clinics and tournaments. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the hockey industry, improve his organization’s operations, and explore the possibility of a new hockey-related business venture, Keith enrolled in BHI’s Certified Hockey Professional program in 2017. Now, having completed the program and received his CHP designation, he plans on launching his new company, Powerplay Sports and Entertainment Limited, in September, 2018:

“I am honoured to have graduated from the CHP program. Receiving my CHP designation has given me the knowledge, confidence, and skills to further improve the operations of all our hockey properties. It has also allowed me to live my dream to develop the game of hockey anywhere there is an ice rink and most importantly, launch my new company this fall. Powerplay Sports and Entertainment will focus on organizing hockey events, tournaments, league management, grassroots development and introducing new technology for player testing and performance to the Asia market.”

While enrolled in the CHP program over the past two years, Keith worked tirelessly to complete an intensive curriculum while living in Hong Kong and running several events simultaneously. He has interacted with numerous executives at all levels of the game; worked directly with CHL franchises as part of the BHI curriculum; and ultimately received his CHP designation, joining a group that includes honorary CHPs, John McDonough, President of the Chicago Blackhawks, and Peter Luukko, Alternate Governor of the Florida Panthers.

“Being part of the CHP program was a fabulous experience. The online learning environment allowed me to plan and fit my schedule, especially living half way around the world. I was able to build invaluable relationships with fellow classmates, professors, and industry executives who are very experienced and passionate about the game.”

BHI is proud to now have Keith as an alumni and CHP and looks forward to his continued success.

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