Newsletter, December 2020

Powerplay Sports & Entertainment Year in Review
HONG KONG – December, 2020

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a much better New Year!

This year has been challenging for the hockey community as recent developments regarding COVID have limited the number events that could be held throughout the year. PowerplaySE had 14 events lined up and ready to go in 2020, with only the Northern Breakaway tournament in Chiang Mai being completed before COVID disrupted proceedings. We hope to be able to bring you more events during 2021, and thank you for your continued support.

League updates

SCIHL: The South China Ice Hockey League 2019/20 season was fortunately able to be completed without any major disruptions with Sam Wai Raptors repeating as champions. The 2020/21 season managed to get off the ground but was interrupted by COVID restrictions 5 weeks in to the season. Further updates will depend on current restrictions being lifted in Hong Kong.

GBHL: The inaugural season of the Greater Bay Hockey League kicked off to a strong start in September 2019. The GBHL is a cross border collaboration allowing youth players from Southern China and Hong Kong to compete in and experience hockey across the region. Unfortunately, there have been border restrictions between Hong Kong and Shenzhen since February 2020, putting the league on hold since then.

CIHL: The 2019/20 China Ice Hockey League season experienced prolonged delays due to COVID, but was able to be completed in October. The Kowloon Warriors were crowned champions as they defeated the South China Sharks in a thrilling final. The 2020/21 season started shortly after, but is now on pause pending restrictions in Hong Kong being lifted.

EHL: The 3 on 3 format Empire Hockey League experienced significant delays to its 2020 Spring season which was eventually completed in November. Gaggia beat Nyan Cats in the final to become champions. The upcoming season of the EHL was scheduled to start in January 2021, but will most likely experience delays due to current COVID restrictions.

HKIHL: The Hong Kong Inline Hockey League’s 2019/20 season had several disruptions over the course of their season, with a major restart happening in the hot weather of July before being put on hold again until the Finals could be played in early September. The 2020/21 season started towards the end of September, but have now been put on hold again with the recent spate of COVID cases in Hong Kong.

GBIHL: The Greater Bay Inline Hockey League completed a successful inaugural season with Hong Kong defeating Shenzhen in the finals held in Macau early January. A collaboration between the Roller Federations of Hong Kong, Macau, Shunde along with PowerplaySE, this cross border tournament has unfortunately had its coming season cancelled due to its cross border nature but hopes to restart in 2021.

Tournament Update

Powerplay Sports and Entertainment has partnered with the China Hockey Group (CHG) to bring elite-level junior ice hockey tournament play to Hong Kong and Asia. The CHG, which runs the Junior Tigers youth ice hockey club, will collaborate with PowerplaySE to plan a number of future youth hockey tournaments aimed at providing opportunities for elite Asian players to gain important tournament experience.  To view the full press release please use the following link:

Outlook for 2021

With 2 new ice rinks set to open in Hong Kong during the first quarter of 2021, we are optimistic with the opportunities this will bring in growing hockey in the region.

PowerplaySE will be launching a new division called Athletic Scholars shortly, in addition to launching a new brand after the new year – stay tuned for more details.

Powerplay Sports & Entertainment remains committed to the health and safety of all our participants, staff and friends during these unprecedented times. We hope everyone stays safe, and hope to see you at future events.
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